Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MU: PAS istihar menang awal.

5.05pm: PAS supporters are already celebrating the victory of its candidate Mohd Fauzi Abdullah in the Manek Urai by-election.

When the 50-year-old fish wholesaler arrived at the PAS base around 4.40pm, he was greeted by shouts of 'Allahuakhbar' (God is great) and mobbed by supporters.

Mohd Fauzi looked elated, indicating that victory is already in the bag.

Earlier, Kelantan PAS election director Abdul Fatah Harun told Malaysiakini that based on exit polls, the party had won by a majority of nearly 2,000 votes.

"I cannot remember the percentage of votes obtained by PAS and Umno. But we will win by 2,000 votes," he added.

The nine polling stations closed at 5pm, with an 86 percent voter turnout recorded by 4pm.

-Malaysia kini.

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