Thursday, May 21, 2009

1.14 pm :Appeals court hears Zambry, then Nizar

1:13pm: Gani wraps up his submission that because Nizar has already lost the majority, Article 16(6) of the State Constitution requires his resignation, failing which his office and that of the executive councillors are deemed vacated. The court has taken a break and will resume at 2pm.

12:31pm: Gani says it follows that there is no need for a vote of no-confidence to be taken in the assembly to determine if Nizar has lost the majority's confidence. The fact is that he has already lost his majority.

12:24pm: Case intervener, Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, is now submitting that Nizar's request for dissolution, based on the 28-28 deadlock, is a self-admission that he lacks the majority's confidence.

11:41am: Zambry's lawyer, Datuk Cecil Abraham, is submitting that the Perak Constitution has no provision requiring a vote of no-confidence to determine if Nizar should resign. A three-person bench of judges is hearing Zambry's appeal.

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