Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Police: created chaos at Perak hunger strike condemned

Nizar Jamaluddin, Pakatan Menteri Besar Perak
Don’t fear these blatant attempts to silence the people. Perakians and Malaysians, please have courage because in the end, right will always conquer might.

I also urge all Muslims to show solidarity by fasting together. We must not let Najib and his Umno party frighten us or prevent us from carrying out peaceful protests to express our feelings and wishes.

Surveys show that 90 percent of the people want the dissolution of state assembly. People don’t want a menteri besar elected by a court. They want a menteri besar elected by the people.

The doctor said if you have kencing manis (diabetes) or darah tinggi (high blood pressure), not to fast. As an engineer, I say that if you have darah manis (sweet blood) or kencing tinggi (a lot of urine), it would do you good to fast.

We see the police spending RM8 million on each by-election claiming to guard the safety of the people. But when BN does not contest in Penanti, the police are not there. This shows they are only there to guard the safety of BN leaders.

Tian Chua, PKR strategic affairs director and Batu MP
It is the spirit that counts and that is something Najib can never take from the people nor the Pakatan. Hidup rakyat, Perak!

Nga Kor Ming, Pantai Remis ADUN and Taiping MP
Gandhi also had a 21-day hunger strike which forced the British colonialists to negotiate the independence of India. But here in Malaysia, put up tent cannot, gather cannot, wear black cannot, hold candles cannot, drink teh tarik also cannot.

Lee Boon Chye, Gopeng MP
Tak nak makan pun tak boleh. Mana Malaysia Boleh? A state government must have the legitimacy of being elected by the people, not one that is the result of a power grab. This has been proven by the events of the past four months.

The people of Perak people cannot settle down because they have not accepted and will not accept the Umno-BN administration because it was not their choice. It was forced on them by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

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